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1)    This first link is an article by Andrew Kniss, UW professor.

2)    GMO Answers is an online community using a variety of experts to answer questions people have about GMOs.

Week #1 – Do GMOs Cause Cancer?

This is an extremely important question. Numerous questions similar to this and related topics have been submitted to GMO Answers, including questions about reports claiming that glyphosate causes breast cancer and about a Séralini study (now retracted) claiming GMOs caused cancer in rats, among others.

We know that consumers have concerns, so we reached out to Dr. Kevin Folta, University of Florida interim chairman and associate professor, Horticultural Sciences Department, for an answer. “The short answer is no, there is absolutely zero reputable evidence that GMO foods cause cancer,” he writes.

You can read Kevin Folta’s full response to the question “Do GMOs cause cancer?” here.

Additionally, the health and safety of GMOs have been validated by many independent scientists and organizations around the world. For example, there are over 1,080 studies about the health and safety of GMOs, and a decade of GMO research, funded by the European Union, that finds that GMOs pose no greater risk than their conventional counterparts can be found here:

In addition to Dr. Folta’s response, this study reviews seven cohort studies and 14 case studies and finds that there is “no consistent pattern of positive associations indicating a causal relationship between total cancer (in adults or children) or any site-specific cancer and exposure to glyphosate.”

There are also multiple resources (links below) which explore this topic on GMO Answers.

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