Albany County CattleWomen Ranch Cookout August 22, 2019 Meet at Territorial Prison at 5:30 p.m. LONESOME FOX COOKOUT This is the last cookout of the year. The caravan will leave from the Territorial Prison State Historic Site at 5:30 p.m. August 22 and head to the ranch in the McFadden area for the cookout. Joe... Continue Reading →


2019 Dues due

Just a reminder that your 2019 due, in order to be in the book, are due December 31st. They are still $15. Please fill out the following form Membership form and submit it with your payment to: Albany County CattleWomen PO Box 582 Laramie WY 82073 Thank you for your support!

Can anyone identify this ranch?

It was first thought to be the Baily Ranch at Centennial but descendants of the Baily family who still own the ranch say it is not that ranch. The Baily ranch can be seen in the Wyoming Pioneer Ranch book by Robert Burns, Bud Gillespie and Willing Richardson on page 241. This picture belongs to... Continue Reading →

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