ACCW Scholarship Winners Announced

The Scholarship Committee has chosen the winners of seven $1,000.00 scholarships awarded in 2020. Three Albany County Cow-Belle Scholarships were awarded. Two additional scholarships were awarded in the name of Gloria Clay, Lifetime Member and friend of Albany County CattleWomen. Another scholarship was awarded in the name of Gary Mathisen, a lover of the scholarship auction where he purchased all stuffed animals to donate to the VFW for children of veterans. The seventh scholarship was given in honor of long-time Laramie veterinarian, Dr. Don Allen, DMV. Dr. Allen’s sister Bertha Ward, Lifetime Member of ACCW funded this scholarship. We sadly lost Gloria Clay, Gary Mathisen and Dr. Allen this year and are proud to remember them with scholarships in their names.
Winners of the Cow-Belle Scholarships are Cecelia Hewlett, Kara Reynolds, and Alexis Lake. The Gloria Clay Scholarships were awarded to Saige Ward and Justin Wetstein. Malea Christensen won the Gary Mathisen scholarship, and Erika Eckhardt won the Dr. Don Allen, DVM scholarship.
Congratulations to all the winners of our 2020 Scholarships. We will formally celebrate and recognize their accomplishments at a future meeting.
Many thanks to Shirley Lilley and her Scholarship Committee for all their hard work and for submitting information for this article.


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