Today’s Ag January 29th at the Fairgrounds

The 2018 event, “Today’s Ag: Rethink the Ranch” will be held Monday, January 29th at the Albany County Fairgrounds Activities Building. The social hour begins at 5:00 with a ribeye steak dinner served at 6:00 p.m. The program, featuring Ann Wittman, the Executive Director of the Wyoming Beef Council, will begin at 7:00 p.m. Ann will share how ranching has progressed over the last 20 years, emphasizing the new processes which help produce lean, wholesome, nutritious beef.

Ranchers have always cared for our land and our livestock in the best ways possible. We will be honoring two of Albany County’s finest that night – Wyoming Hall of Fame 2017 inductees Jim Atkinson and Frank Lilley (posthumously). Their families plan to be with us for this well-deserved recognition.

The cost for a table of 8 is $200; individual tickets may be purchased for $25/each. Tickets are available at First Interstate Bank, Martindale’s Western Store and the C&A Pet & Feed Store. You may also contact Sharleen Castle at 307-399-6205. This event is brought to you by our county agricultural organizations working together and our ranchers and industry supporters making sure we have a diverse audience with whom to share our message.

The reason behind Today’s Ag:

Agriculture as an industry faces many challenges. Public misconceptions about the food we raise and how we care for our land and animals is a widespread challenge. The volunteers who bring you the “Today’s Ag” dinner series believe that accurate ag information is key to sharing the wonderful story of agriculture in America and the world. Advancements in agriculture have freed up people to do things other than grow their own food. In the end, though, “there is no culture without agriculture”.

2011 Today’s Ag: Feeding the World – Dr. Gary Sides presented an entertaining, science based and global view of how we use technology to feed the world.

2012 Today’s Ag: The Food We Eat – Dr. Sides presented science based information confronting many of the myths that abound regarding the food we eat.

2013 Today’s Ag: Friends of Wildlife – Wyoming Game & Fish Director Scott Talbott shared information about Wyoming’s wildlife and why ranchers are their friends.

2014 Today’s Ag: For All Ages – Rebecca Chaney and her twin five year old daughters entertained us with stories that became the basis of books they have written for children.

2015 Today’s Ag: Weather Watch – Meteorologist Don Day spoke about …. . This topic gave ranchers the opportunity to share challenges they face due to extreme weather conditions.

2016 Today’s Ag: The Science Behind It – Kellie Bray addresses the topic of genetically modified organisms. GMOs, also known as GECs – genetically enhanced crops – bring many benefits including increased productivity, reduction in pesticide application AND they help alleviate hunger. Biotech crops are the same from a compositional and nutritional standpoint as their non-GMO counterparts.

2017 Today’s Ag: What’s Behind the Label? – exploring what’s behind the label in the food we eat

2018 Today’s Ag: Rethink the Ranch – Ann Wittman, Executive Director of the Wyoming Beef Council, shared how ranching has progressed over the last 20 years, emphasizing the new processes which help produce lean, wholesome, nutritious beef.


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